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  • Magic: The Gathering league as well as other multiplayer and single-player card and flash games.

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: the Gathering leage, tournaments and information as well as other available card games.

Magic: the Gathering was the first and primary game Magic Workstation (MWS) was made for, however today there are several other compatible game databases available for it, which makes it possible for players to play other card games such as The Spoils, VS System and the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game through it as well. While most of our visitors are interested in Magic: The Gathering, we are also looking into the possibility of making these other online games available to you as well.
MTG Online, Magic Online.

Flash games

Looking to play games? This is the place for you! Soon you’ll be able to play online games (flash games), including card games, action games puzzle games, sport games, adventure games, moto games, kid games and more popular games for free!

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