You can download pics at MWS Data

Download the pics into a directory you create called “/pics” in the MWS directory (This will by default be “c:\Program Files\Magic Workstation\pics”). Each set should go into its own subdirectory (ie. ON for Onslaught and so on).

Next you need to go to Tools -> Preferences -> Image View, in your MWS. Then add a directory and choose your /pics directory.

Note: Some sets may not currently be up on Ramone’s site. You can also try for other sets.

Verify following points:

  • pics have the SAME name as card names (ex.: “Counterpell” -> “Counterspell.jpg”)
  • pics must be stored in a dir as C:\Program Files\MWS\pics\EXT where EXT = card extension in MWS program. Ex.: C:\Program Files\MWS\pics\OD for ODissey cards, C:\Program Files\MWS\pics\ON for ONslaught cards, etc…
  • You must set the base dir where pics are stored in MWS under Tools > Preferences > Illustrations. Add the dir where you added EXTENSIONS dirs. Ex.: If you have the following file tree:
    C:\Program Files\MWS\pics\OD
    C:\Program Files\MWS\pics\ON
    C:\Program Files\MWS\pics\MR

    You should set C:\Program Files\MWS\pics as you base illustration directory. DO NOT add C:\Program Files\MWS\pics\ON, C:\Program Files\MWS\pics\OD, or C:\Program Files\MWS\pics\MR. It would not work.

Hope this has been clear enough….

You should now have pretty pictures to look at.

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