For a sealed challenge each player is given a limited amount of cards (normally one starter (60 cards) and 2 boosters (15 each)). Then each player has to build a deck of those cards consisting of at least 40 cards minimum. Sealed challenges count for ratings under the Limited category.

When a Sealed Challenge is started a link to join the challenge will appear on the website. To join you simply need to be logged in a put your IRC nickname into the form.

Once entries to the tourney close the TC will announce that you can ‘Get your cards.’ You must then proceed to the website where a link to get your cards will appear at the top of the page along with the amount of time you have to build your deck.

NOTE: You MUST build your deck using the website

You will then see a list of your cards sorted by colour. place a checkmark in the box to the LEFT of the cards you would like in your MAIN deck. The rest of the cards will be your sideboard. If there are more than one checkmarks, you have more than one of that card to use.
You must have at least 40 cards in your main deck.

After you push Done at the bottom, a link will be provided for you to download your deck. The deck will be in mwDeck format and should be able to load directly into your MWS or MWSplay.

NOTE: You MUST use this EXACT deck so that your sec code will match that recorded by the site, failure to comply may result in game/match losses.

If you receive an error saying that a card is not found then there is likely a spelling error in the database. You can fix this by selecting the card in MWS in your master.mwBase and pressing F4 to edit the card name. Your deck should then be able to load properly.

Good luck and have fun.

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