Becoming a Judge for O-Gaming is simple! Simply send an e-mail to the Judge Council at Please include in the subject that you are requesting a Judge Test. Also, include your O-Gaming and IRC nicknames in the body of the e-mail. Requests missing any of these items WILL be ignored.

You must be skilled in both the rules of Magic as well as O-Gaming tournament procedures. Using any printed materials, such as the rulebook or the O-Gaming website, is allowed on the exam, but using human resources of any kind is strictly forbidden.

The test will be conducted live in IRC. Once your request has been made, you should either wait for a direct reply from a member of the Judge Council in IRC, or wait for Ravenclaw to +m the channel and announce he is ready to test a candidate at that time. When Ravenclaw makes such an announcement, you may then feel free to message him directly with the fact that you, too, are ready to test.

The current test is 18 questions long, divided into two segments, 10 and 8 questions each. You will have 30 minutes to complete the first segment and 12 minutes to complete the second segment. If you do not pass the first segment, you will not move on to see the second segment. Please do not begin to take the test unless you know with relative certainty that you’ll be around for ~45-60 minutes.

If you pass both segments, you will become a judge on a probationary basis. Depending on how you do on the second segment, you may need between two and [some higher number] of probationary challenges. You are prohibited from playing in half of them, and you MUST play in the other half. If you need an odd number, you can’t play in the “extra one.”

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email the Judge Council at

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