These are the rules for users in O-Gaming channels, which include #O-Gaming and any other publically accessible channel created for the use of O-Gaming by O-Gaming staff. O-Gaming channels are a place for chats, requests for Magic Workstation games, and tournaments. They are not a place for other types of speech, as outlined below.

Note that persons with operator status (@) and voice status (+) are O-Gaming Staff and O-Gaming Level 2 or 3 Judges, and ARE NOT not to be disrespected. It is expected that all users listen to what they say, and follow their requests, as long as it is reasonable. These people are tasked with the goal of maintaining order in our chatrooms. Keep in mind that while voiced users are technically unable to kick or ban, they do have the ears of the operators to enforce a kick or ban right then, or request a lengthier ban should problems persist.

One) Flooding of channels is not permitted. Users who flood the channel with any type of speech will be banned for an appropriate length of time by the channel operators. Repeating, excessive caps or punctuation, channel notices, and nick-change floods are not permitted. The use of colors or any kind of text control code is also prohibited.

Two) Advertising of channels or websites for other online Magic leagues or organizations is not permitted, nor is advertising for channels that serve the same purpose as #O-Gaming. Advertising of team channels is allowed only for the purpose of recruiting members. Other ads for other websites or channels should be cleared by the operator staff. Advertisements of any kind not affiliated with must not be repeated more than once per 60 minutes. Also, there is a strict no pornography policy in effect in the channel, and no posting of such websites or content will be tolerated.

Three) Here at O-Gaming, we believe that everybody should be able to speak their mind, and we will allow you to do so. Our channel will not be ran by “family oriented language” rules (with the exception of racial slurs), but at the same time, we expect every user to not abuse this rule and swear all the time. Constant use of the “bad” swear words (mainly *fuck*) will get you kicked, and any derogatory slur will automatically constitute at least a 30 second tempban. This includes racial, gender-specific, and homosexual slurs. Any topic of discussion in the channel is fine, regardless if it has to do with M:tG or not.

Four) Excessive harassment of our userbase may constitute a tempban. While the occasional name-calling is not against the rules, it is surely looked down upon and in excessive use, not tolerated. Some other leagues do not believe in this method, but in this day and age, freedom of speech is definitely important, and we find it redundant to stop people from speaking their minds.

Five) O-Gaming is not responsible for the actions of its users outside channels. If a user is abusing the network or breaking network rules, those aware of it should notify network staff.

Six) Though 99% of people realize that doing something like borrowing the nickname of an active TC or active player during an event might constitute a ban, this rule is here to inform the 1% without common sense that they may be banned for doing such.

Seven) Challenge begging; defined as making any comment, whatsoever, about any non-premier O-Gaming tournament that has not yet been officially announced, is not tolerated at any time. The easiest way to know if there is a challenge open is to simply go to the O-Gaming website and see if there are entries open, or watching the channel for entry scripts. If you’re interested in becoming a judge, please check out the “Becoming a Judge” FAQ under League.

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